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     Dear friends, customers, and potential customers, part of making your online buying experience flow as smoothly as possible involves educating yourself about the products you are buying and the policies of the merchant you are making your purchase from.  By reviewing our policies, answers to commonly asked questions, and learning about our watches, you will greatly increase your chances of having a positive buying experience.  Please read all of the below questions and answers before emailing us, and if you have further questions(, please email us prior to making your purchase.  95% of non-watch specific questions you may have are answered here.

Is it in Stock Right Now, At This Moment?
As with every seller, we stock ( the most popular models to meet demand.  Other models are available, and can be picked up from various producers within a day or two.  Sometimes, it may take a few days, depending on demand.  If you email us asking "Is it in stock right now?", you will get an answer reflecting the general availability of that watch as it currently stands.  If we tell you that a particular watch is available now, this does not guarantee that the watch will remain in stock.  For example, if ask about stock on Monday, and then place your order on Wednesday, stocks by that time may very well have changed.  In fact, stocks can change daily or even hourly.  If we have two or three units of one particular model, and get stock inquiries from five or six customers, then obviously if all five or six customers ordered, only three of their orders would be fulfilled immediately.  This is very important to note, before placing your order.  If you have some kind of time constraint ("I absolutely need my watch by the end of this week" etc.), we would highly suggest that you wait until you no longer have such a time constraint before placing an order.
Furthermore, there are hundreds of watches displayed on our site, and we do the best to ensure that we display only the models that are in stock.  However, it is not possible to check the stock of every single model, every day of the week, and some models that are out of stock now, may be back in stock next week.  If you place your order, and the watch happens to be out of stock, you can always request a FULL REFUND, which will be granted to you IMMEDIATELY upon your request.  FULL REFUNDS are available instantly, on any order that has not yet shipped.  Simply request it, and your card will be credited IMMEDIATELY without any questions.  There are NO RESTOCKING or CANCELLATION FEES whatsoever.  Your refund will be a full, 100% refund of the total price you paid.  Please keep this in mind when you order.
We do not benefit in any way from lying or deceiving customers with regard to what is in stock.  Out of stock orders are refunded, which means that we are losing money, and all funds are returned to the customer, thus we have no motivation to mislead customers about what is available at any given time, because cancelled ordered actually cost us money on top of the selling price, due to fees involved.  Sometimes watches go out of stock.  Sometimes customers ask about stock, and then order later only to find that the watch they wanted sold out in the mean time.  This is unfortunate, but in such cases, a 100% refund will be granted without any questions asked, so there is no need to suffer from "in stock" anxiety.

Online Replica Watch Store How Long Does Shipping Take?
The majority or orders will ship within a few days of the order being placed.  Once shipped, Express Mail typically takes approximately 5-8 working days to arrive to your door.  Sometimes it may take longer due to postal delays, or weather conditions, etc.  Registered Airmail can take 2-6 weeks to arrive, depending on your country.  It is recommended that registered airmail be used only for spare parts and boxes/accessories.
DHL/FEDEX/UPS typically take about 4-5 working days to arrive, however please note that these services cost $50-$60 additional, and are not available in all areas.  For some countries, DHL/FEDEX/UPS may be too risky for customs purposes, while in other countries these services may work well.  Please note that during times of high order volume, there may be delays in shipping.  We will do our best to speed things up in this case.  Also note that if a watch fails the quality control test, we will get a new watch to replace it, and this may also cause a slight delay.  All shipping times posted on this site or quoted in emails are estimations only, and not guarantees.

Online Replica Watch Store We Don't Ship Broken Watches
Please read the following very carefully.  From time to time, a customer will receive a watch that is dead on arrival.  We understand that this is extremely frustrating.  The gut reaction of the customer will often be "Hey, you sent me a broken watch!"  We would not benefit in any way from sending you a broken watch.  There simply exists no benefit to sending out broken watches.  We test ALL watches for both functionality, and accurate time keeping.  We use a watch timer that cost several hundred dollars for this sole purpose.
Can a watch that has gone through testing develop problems later?  Yes.  Is it possible to spot such a watch, and predict that it will have problem later?  No, absolutely not.  No one can predict whether one watch will magically stop working after a set period of time.  If we could predict the future, we'd be playing the lottery, not selling watches.  The vast majority of watches that are sent to us for repair have suffered some type of "shock damage".  This means that the watch has either been dropped, or simply that the postal service has thrown your package around like a baseball, and this has caused damage to the watch.  This is regrettable, but remember, WE TESTED IT BEFORE IT WAS SENT OUT.  A watch is an extremely precise instrument.  A watch costing $19,500 originally will have all sorts of anti-shock technology built into it.  A $589 replica of the same watch WILL NOT have the same anti-shock technology or components.  Please keep in mind that though a $589 replica is still quite expensive, it is illogical to have the same expectations of the $589 watch as you would of the $19,500 original.  If you drop the $19,500 original, it might continue to function.  If you drop the $589 replica, it will probably STOP working.
All it takes for a watch to stop working, or stop keeping time is a strong jolt.  If the balance shaft pops out and sits at an angle of even 1-5 degrees, the watch will no longer keep time.  Automatic watches are THAT delicate.  If a postal worker throws the box, there is a good chance that your delicate watch will be damaged.  To reduce chances as much as possible, we wrap the watches in plastic and bubble wrap.  When sellers are shipping AUTHENTIC watches, they wrap them the same way, but they also ship them via UPS or FEDEX, with a $19,500 declared value and full insurance.  The cost of which usually reaches around $1000 or more.  As you might infer, this is not practical for a replica costing a few hundred dollars.  Thus we pack them as best we can, and we ship them using Express Mail or other means.  If we declared or insured the watch for a high value,  it would create customs problems for the customer, along with adding a few hundred more dollars to the shipping price and require customers to pay additional taxes on arrival.
The majority of watches sent back for repair are suffering from drops, falls, abuse or simply random breakdowns.  Many of the watches that stop working don't actually even have movement problems.  A lot of them were thrown around, and the hands are now pinched against the dial, causing the movement to stop.  Many of them have been dropped hard enough to have the balance shaft pop out of it's setting, and thus either don't keep time, or lose most of their power reserve capability.  Generally, it's not a faulty movement, it's just that someone has treated the watch poorly (either during shipping or after), and a vital component has either been damaged or shifted from it's place on the movement.  Other watches are damaged because customers try to manually wind them.  Automatic watches are not designed to be manually wound.  Manually winding an automatic watch will certainly reduce the longevity of it and will likely result in broken crowns or damaged keyless works.  Automatic watches need to be kept on winding machines.  If you are winding the crown as a habit, you are reducing the lifespan of your watch.  Please keep in mind that we test watches before they ship.  If you receive a non-functioning watch, it is unfortunate, and we will repair or replace it with the same model, however, rest assured that we TESTED IT BEFORE SHIPMENT and it would make absolutely no sense for us to send out a non-working watch.

Online Replica Watch Store Will You Take More Pictures for Me (
We're sorry , but we simply don't have enough time to go and snap extra pictures of watches that are already very clearly shown on my site from at least six different angles.  We get this request on an almost daily basis.  Please just look at the photos on my site, as they ALL accurately portray the watches that we sell.  We regret that we will be unable to provide additional photos of my watches.  The whole point of an online catalog displaying six pictures of every watch is to prevent the need for more pictures.

Online Replica Watch Store Asian Valjoux 7750 Care Advice.
To avoid doing damage to your Asian 7750 movement, please do not set the date when the watch is between 10:00 and 3:00.  If you need to set the date, please adjust the time temporarily outside of the 10-3 range, set the date, and then re-set the time.  Setting the date while the watch is between 10:00 and 3:00 will damage the gears of the watch.
Please note that the Swiss Valjoux 7750 movement uses a pusher button on the side of the case to set the date, and the date on these models can be set at any time.  When you first receive the watch, please give it 40-50 winds to get the power-reserve back up to optimal conditions.

Online Replica Watch Store Shipments that are Lost or Stolen.
In the unlikely event that your package is lost or stolen, we ( will investigate, and if the watch cannot be recovered, we will discount your next order, or depending on the cost, re-send the watch to you.  We regret to inform you that if the postal service delivers the watch to the WRONG address, or you have moved or changed your address without notifying us, there is nothing we can do to recover your watch.
It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you remain calm during the shipment of your order.  If the package is held up anywhere for a few days, PLEASE do not panic and start sending threatening emails.  If your package is lost, we won't be able to file a loss claim with the shipping until after 30 days, so seeing your package held up at some point in the shipping process shouldn't cause you to immediately panic.
The package will only be re-sent when we have determined to a satisfactory degree that your original package has in fact been lost.  If we re-send a package, and then both packages end up arriving to you, we will be forced to bill you for both packages, so it is best to wait, and be certain first that your package is actually lost and not delayed, before taking action.

Online Replica Watch Store What is your Return Policy?
Simply stated:  Returns are only accepted in the case of defective or broken items.  With that being said, if your watch has a problem, we will gladly REPAIR it EXCHANGE it for the same exact model.  All watches are tested prior to shipping.  We regret that we cannot accept returns from customers who "changed their mind", so please be aware that once you receive the watch, the sale is final.  Under no circumstances will we be able to issue refunds to customers whose watches have already shipped.
Please be aware that when you make the commitment to buy a hand made watch from us, we put effort into preparing and carefully shipping your watch.  We will be unable to accept returns for a refund under any circumstances.  If there is a problem with your watch, you may exchange it (for the SAME model), or we will repair it for you at no cost.
If you need to send your watch in for repair, you MUST send it back to the address that we provide, and you MUST use EMS Express Mail to send the watch.  We are not responsible for lost watches that were shipped using any other method.  You will receive special return instructions from us via email, follow these steps carefully to ensure that you package reaches us and avoids customs problems.  
Upon receiving your watch, we will repair it or send out a new one.  If your watch experiences a mechanical failure we will repair or exchange it.  Any product that was purchased at 'sale' price or for a price lower than retail is not eligible for return under ANY circumstances.  Please be very sure you know what you are buying before sending payment.

Online Replica Watch Store What if my watch stops working?
If your watch stops working simply return it to us and we will either repair it or exchange it for a brand new one (same model).  Please note that this exchange does not apply to watches that have suffered physical damage caused by the customer, and that we will not refund any return shipping costs UNLESS you received the wrong model.  Physical damage may be repaired, but it will be 100% at the expense of the customer.
Please note that you take full responsibility for safely shipping the watch back to us.  You are responsible for shipping charges one-way, and we will pay shipping charges back to you and the repair cost.  No exceptions.  The cost of shipping a watch back to us for repair is very little compared to what it would cost you to have your watch repaired at a jewelry store in Europe or North America.  If you choose to ship your watch using an unreliable method such as general airmail, which has no tracking number available, you are 100% liable for anything that happens to the watch during transit, including the package being lost, stolen or taken by customs.  Regardless of how much it costs to send it back to us, you are responsible for the cost of getting your watch back to us.

Online Replica Watch Store My Tracking Number Isn't Working.
Please try again in 48 hours.  Not all tracking numbers show up immediately, in fact some packages will actually reach your country before the EMS tracking website updates.  If your tracking number still does not work 5 days after receiving the email from us, please contact us and we will investigate for you.  If you email us before 5 days, we will refer you to this FAQ.

Online Replica Watch Store How much would it cost if I bought _____ and ____ together?  Do you offer a discount?
For your convenience, all pricing is listed on our site.  The cost of shipping is included in the price of each item.  There are no additional shipping charges for your order.  To calculate the total cost of your order, simply add up the prices of the items you wish to order, and apply any discount that is listed under our promotions section.

2 Watches:    $25 off
3 Watches:    $50 off
4 Watches:    $75 off  etc.

If you order more than one watch, your total cost will be the total price of the watches, minus whatever discount is listed above.  Discounts only apply to watches purchased at the same time.  Please note that these discounts are in DOLLARS and NOT percentages.

Online Replica Watch Store Tell Me About Your Prices.

Our ( prices are not negotiable.  We will not price match other sites because:

(1.)  We ( do not know if the other site is a scam.

(2.)  Despite the fact that other sites may use attractive pictures, or even the same pictures as our site, we have no way of determining if what they send you will be of the same quality as the watches that we sell.

In many cases, you may pay slightly less for a watch that you feel is of comparable quality, however what you receive may be MUCH lower quality, and the movement may be MUCH different than what you thought you ordered.  For this reason, we will not price-match any other sites.  We wish you the best of luck in your search for a watch that falls within your price range and meets all of your needs.

Online Replica Watch Store Why do some sites appear to sell the same watches as you, but at much higher prices?
Because they are counting on the fact that their potential customers do not know anything about watches, and have not researched watches prior to making their purchase.  The use of clever marketing tactics and advertising often persuades customers into paying $800+ for the same exact watches that we sell for $300.  Sometimes the watches are even lower quality!  We encourage you to read about watches, join watch forums, and talk with other people who have bought watches from us or elsewhere.  No matter what marketing hype you read, a  watch with an ETA movement is not worth $800+.

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